Saturday, March 8, 2014

Trends on gadget get better everyday

Do you think gadgets are useful? What do you usually use them for? Nowadays ranging from kids on their early age to adults use gadgets in their daily activities in their lives. Gadgets are small electronic device that could be used to help you with your daily routines and activities. Teenagers and young adults these days couldn’t let their smartphones/androids away from them for even just seconds. It’s like their lives has depend on them so much, to communicate with their friends, check emails, and browse Facebook etc.

In more of the positive side, gadgets could be used to help you communicate with your family and friends that live far away from you, makes life easier, more efficient and also it could be fun to just contact them once in a while to know how they are doing. Androids and Apple iOS users have a lot of advantages in using them for their phones. There are a lot of applications that you could download to help you with your routines. Applications such as Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, KakaoTalk have been used a lot by their users to communicate easier rather than using text massages these days. Since after you install these applications on your phone, all you need to do is just subscribe to an Internet plan you wouldn’t need to worry anymore about spending more money to communicate with your loved ones.

One little disadvantage by using these gadgets though, because they are using 3G feature it would drain your battery low faster. So to overcome this problem, people would carry around a charged power bank for them to recharge their phones or Ipads with. Other than that to help you more, you could turn off features that you don’t necessarily need so you could save more on your phone’s battery life. People used to use Blackberry phones a lot few years ago, but today more would opt for Android/iOS phones because BBM feature (one of the main features in Blackberry phones) could already be installed in Android and iOS phones.

So, what are you waiting for? Still have an old phone that couldn’t help you much? Maybe it’s time for you to save up and change to a better newer gadgets trended these days.
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