Thursday, March 6, 2014

Internet today and the future

Hey all, i will talk about the 'Internet' today. Check it out!!

In today’s technology, who doesn’t know the Internet? You could browse and search for a lot of things you don’t know yet using search engines through it. It is also a global media for a lot of uses such as information, communication, educations and even for recreational use. The use of the Internet itself nowadays doesn’t necessarily need to be done through computers; they could also be accessed through smartphones and other gadgets such as Ipad, Android and Apple iOS users. Adding more to broaden your views about world-wide information could be accessed straight from the Internet. Internet connections themselves should be highly noted by the government because for students, the use of Internet could help them with their study purpose. With the lot of information stored in the world wide webs, students could access information they might not get from school; this would make internet like an enormous library that could be accessed just about anywhere from around the world.

For communication purposes, people would use email these days to communicate with their friends and families that lives near them, or even far away overseas. Other than communicating through emails, there are other ways such as media available for chatting, web conference, and video conference. So even though there are family members or friends that live far away and it would probably cost you a lot in calling them over the telephone, this might be a better and also cheaper option for you to communicate with them.

Internet could also be used to advertise your products and for business purposes. This could be done without the limit area, because it would be accessible by anyone around the world with an internet connection (which most of people have in their homes these days). Business through the internet has become a trend these days, commercial system that is usually called e-commerce has been done worldwide to make their business ventures easier. All your transactions, buying and selling needs could be done through the internet with your own time at home without the need to step out of your comfort zone.

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